Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Episode 020: Just Guy Things

Welcome to The Diad Presents!

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And the track list below:

# - Game - Track - System - Composer
1 - Final Fight 2 - Fret Street Beat-Beat - SNES - Yasuaki Fujita (Bun Bun), Mari Yamaguchi, Yuki Satomura, Setsuo Yamamoto, Yuko Kadota & Tatsuya Nishimura
2 - Summer Carnival '93 - "Nexzr special music - Stage 3" - PC Engine CD-Rom² - Yasushi Wada, Tatsuya Watanabe, Katsuya Yoneda
3 - Fury Of The Furries - The Mountain 2 - MS-DOS (AdLib) - "Frederic ""Elmobo"" Motte, fka Moby"
4 - Shinra Banshou - The Universe (Opening) - PC-88 - Nobuhito Koise
5 - World Class Baseball - Edit Mode - TurboGrafx-16 - Unknown
6 - Duel Succession - Someday, Surely - PC-98 - Masaki Sasaki


  1. For the Final Fight II track, the composer information should've been Michael Bivins of Bell Biv DeVoe. That was some serious MoTown Philly music there!

    Man, that Shinra Banshou track was affecting me on a molecular level! Not only is it FM, but that descending bass line(and how the last note is minor) is one of the most viscerally enjoyable musical clichés for me.

    Did you mean to say Namco x Capcom, or Namco Cross Capcom? I heard recently that the "x" in Japanese titles like that is usually pronounced "cross", meaning a nexus of two separate themes or ideas. I don't know for sure if that's the case with the aforementioned title, but it could be.

    Speaking of Nexus, that was one of the few comics I really loved back in the day. But that's for another time.

    Man, that Baseball game track was niiice. Reminds me a lot of Jun Chikuma's work on Bomberman. Also, it reminds me a little of the credit music for Teleroboxer for the Virtual Boy. ( ) Speaking of which, it's high time for a VB track, wouldn't you say?

    So the microphone setup sounded a little clearer and less noisy, which was good....however, it sounded quite recessed into the mix. I don't know if the overall level is the same as before, but your voice sounded generally fuller. That means there's more energy concentrated in the low midrange, which happens to be the same part of the spectrum where things like road noise and general background noise reside. As such, your voice was drowned out by my morning commute, and seemed significantly quieter than the music you played. You may consider applying dynamic compression to your vocals. Since you seem to record with a quiet voice, that might be a great idea anyway. Another way to make your voice stand out would be to boost the eq of your vocals at maybe the 200hz-1khz range. I I hope that is helpful.

    1. Hey ND!

      I agree with you about the FF2 track. Doing this show has unveiled my hidden (and unbeknownst to me) love of new jack swing VGM. It’s sorta interesting to see my preferences emerge. I definitely like the funky stuff. I guess it’s fascinating to me to see a difference in my listening habits when the music is divorced from the gameplay. For the most part, I was a huge SNES RPG kid, and that was the lion share of my gaming; yet I rarely play the orchestral music that is so prominent in those games.

      I’m glad you were digging the Shinra Banshou track. I have been building up a healthy collection of Japanese PC tracks, and I am happy to cram as many in as possible. The FM on those systems really does it for me.

      I am sure you are right, it must be Namco “cross” Capcom. I haven’t ever played it, so I just read it however it occurred to me. I have a pretty big blind spot for fighting games. The last one I purchased myself was Tekken 5 when the PS2 launched. Prior to that, Street Fighter 2 for the SNES.

      And you are dead on with that Jun Chikuma feeling! When I read your comment I was like “yes! That’s exactly right!” And man, that Telroboxer track is a super jam! I LOVE it! I can’t remember if I’ve heard it or not. It sounded familiar, but I can’t place it…

      Also, you are right! I am overdo for a VB track! That may even warrant it’s own themed episode… I need to ruminate and marinate on this. Both are required.

      Also, thanks for the feedback re: the mic. I’ll pass it along to Alan and we can talk it over. I think it might take a couple episodes to find a sweet spot, but thus far I like it better than my old setup.

  2. The discussion of Dune is serendipitously good timing for me as I am reading the book now for the first time. (no spoilers)

    I saw that you recently commented that I tolerated the old mic for the vikings episode, and this one does sound better! Utopia Nemo said everything I might have said about it and more. Great advice there.

    That Final Fight 2 track was boss! I dislike the ost to the first Final Fight, though I love the game, so this was a welcome surprise of a track.

    1. Hey JT!

      I'd love to hear your thoughts on Dune once you are finished. I have recently been kicking around the idea of re-reading it (partially based on this episode, partially on KeyGlyphs recent reading of it). I think it was a little much for me when I first tried it, and I'd like to give it another shot.

      The mic issues continue for a few episodes more (or 20 or so, depending on your thoughts). But by now I think Alan and I have a pretty good setup. It only took a year...

      As beat-em-up contemporaries, I can't help comparing Final Fight to Streets of Rage. To that end, as far as the music is concerned, in my eyes there is no contest. SoR is the top dog. But, there are still some jams to be had in FF.

    2. I was ALSO reading Dune for the first time when I listened to this episode. I very much enjoyed it, although by the end, I could see why the sequels would have less appeal. There’s a very good podcast called Imaginary Worlds that had a very good episode on Dune, but I’d wait until I finished the book if I were you.

      The Diad, I would venture to say that the OST is the only great thing about SoR. Play it with the sound off and it’s just okay. However, I still feel that SoR2 is the best beat-em-up, because of everything. Great graphics, music, and especially play control. Axel’s “grab the paw” dragon punch is one of the most satisfying moves in a move-right-to-fight game.

    3. I agree with you on gameplay. SoR feels clunky to me. I'm not much of a beat em up guy anymore, but in that era I was all TMNT.

    4. Ok, maybe you can set me straight on this: is there any strategy to the TMNT games? I like the Konami arcade beat ‘em ups, but games like TMNT and the Simpsons seem to use quarter attrition as chief play mechanic. I like them, but it often seems that avoiding damage is impossible(especially with the bosses).

      I’m hoping I’m wrong, and I’m just terrible at them.

    5. No, I think this is sort on. It's a terrible system, and this, why I don't really enjoy the genre anymore.

      But there's something to be said for a four person cabinet