Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Episode 046: Everybody Salsa!

Welcome to The Diad Presents!

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The links I promised:

Interview with Harumi Fujita

And the track list below:

# - Game - Track - System - Composer
1 - Clockwork Knight 2 - Salsa de Pepperouchau Fiesta de los Amigos - Saturn - Hirofumi Murasaki
2 - Mega Man 3 - Gemini Man - NES / FC - "Harumi Fujita (credited as ""Mrs. Tarumi)"
3 - StarTropics - Cave - NES / FC - Yoshio Hirai
4 - The Incredible Machine 3 - Salsa - PC - In Drive
5 - The Sims 2 - Dance the Dawn - PC - Kirk Casey
6 - Animal Crossing - K.K. Salsa - Nintendo 64 - Kazumi Totaka Kenta Nagata Toru Minegishi Shinobu Tanaka
7 - Party Quiz Mega Q - Salsa de MQ - Genesis / MD - Hirofumi Murasaki
8 - Aerobiz - Latin America - Genesis / MD - Taku Iwasaki
9 - Zelda Link's Awakening - Player Select ZELDA - Game Boy - Minako Hamano Kozue Ishikawa
10 - OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast - Radiation - Xbox / PlayStation 2 - Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Fumio Ito, Richard Jacques


  1. I neglected to mention on the episode that the Salsa de Pepperouchau Fiesta de los Amigos track is the CD arranged version. The in-game music is similar, but without vocals, etc.

  2. Dear The Diad,

    Thank you so much for this episode. I danced in my seat the entire drive to work this morning.

    Link's Awakening was my favorite game on the Game Boy, but I never knew about the naming trick. Though it didn't matter what I named myself, I always ended up being called THIEF in the game because I always stole the bow after grinding rupees for the shovel.

    Congratulations on marrying a boricua! I myself am boricua, born and raised on the island. It was touching to hear you express sincere feelings for the island and all those still suffering there.

    All the best,


    1. It was a very fun episode to do! Sorry for my terrible attempt at Spanish in the intro...

      I never had Link's Awakening, but I loved the SNES game. I hope if you have any family left on the island that they are doing well.

  3. Great tracks! It put a kick in my morning.

    Also worth noting about Rube Goldberg is that his contraptions were inspiration for a lot of cartoons of the era. Tom & Jerry, Wile E. Coyote, and others employed RGM’s in various shorts, usually in the heels’ machinations(hah) to catch their rivals.

    1. That's a good point. It's funny to think that an artists random doodles had such far-reaching implications.

    2. Well, he was a cartoonist, and according to some sources(well, okay, Wikipedia), the most popular cartoonist in America. His work was certainly known to the animation studios of the day.

  4. You said you will have to wait for Professor Abrasive's ,Saturn Satiator in order to play Clockwork Knight 2. You have other option though. There's the Rhea/Phoebe by the guy who makes the GDEMU. It works exactly like how the Satiator is supposed to work except it isn't plug and play. You have to take the Saturn apart, disconnect the CDrom and replace it with either the Rhea or Phoebe depending on whether you own a model 1 or 2 Saturn. I've had one for about 2 years now and love it. They are kind of hard to get because they sell out so fast, but just keeping your options open.

    1. Oh awesome! This is something worth reading up on. I'm terrified of cracking open the Saturn though. This is great to know about. Thank you!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Fortuna Favet Fortibus!!!

      There isn't much to it. You have to unscrew five screws on the bottom of the console, lift off the top cover of the Saturn, undo 2 ribbon cables, and replace with the optical drive emulator. Then just reassemble in reverse. There's also a 50/60hz mod if you wanted to play PAL games in their intended refresh rate, but it's kind of difficult. So, I wouldn't recommend it.

      The same guy is selling GDEMUs (Dreamcast Optical drive emulators) tomorrow starting at 8AM Pacific time which sell out within minutes.

    4. I'm a bit of a 'splainer, if you know what I mean, so bear with me. My Life in Gaming did a great run down of the Rhea and Phoebe.

      I'm stoked I was in time to get my GDEMU ordered today.

    5. Congratulations! Especially with the new wireless Dreamcast controllers ito.

      I'm going to watch this butvi soon